Meet The Band

Lauren Pierson Swanson: Lead Singer

Lauren_action_shot It’s all about the audience. We cover some of the greatest songs ever written and every one of them triggers a memory, who you were with when you first heard it and that feeling comes flooding back. Or the atmosphere of the entire era comes rushing in to when you heard it played every day on Philly radio; Q102, MMR, XPN or YSP. From Pop to Progressive Rock to British Invasion, New Wave, R & B and of course guitar driven classic blues; we bring the audience high energy interpretations of hits from the greatest era in American music.

I learned a long time ago that nothing matters but the audience. It is the performer’s job to make the honest emotional connection with the material so the audience is free to feel, to dance, to throw their heads back and laugh, or to share in the heartbreak of the blues. This is what my favorite music artists have done and still do! Here are some of them now : Bessie Smith, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Peter Gabriel, Moody Blues, Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Lily Allen, Patty Griffin, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Eagles, Squeeze and Lucinda Williams. We look forward to sharing a special night (or day) of music with you all soon! Xoxoxoxo

Much Love,


Tim Holt: Lead Guitar

tim Self taught, Tim has played both electric and acoustic guitar on and off for 40 years. His early influences were Clapton, Jimmy Page, Alvin Lee and Santana.  ( He admits he listened to the intro to "I'm goin Home" by Alvin Lee. and "Soul Sacrifice" by Santana over 1000 times as inspiration and still does today ). In later years he discovered the late great Blues and Rock Master Gary Moore and currently is trying to study the Major Pentatonic world of some of the most tasteful players to ever handle the instrument like........Vince Gil. He knows that capturing the technique and taste of these guitar giants is not remotely possible but they give constant inspiration. Tim live's in Malvern.

Frank Bourque: Guitar and Vocals

FullSizeRender I am a music lover of all genres, and my roots are in blues, folk, jazz and rock. I have honed my skills with several bands over the past four decades, and also perform with my wife Connie, a classically trained cellist. A tenor in the St. Monica Church choir for the past 15 years, has defined my vocal technique, harmonic theory, and appreciation and joy of sacred music. My style incorporates harmonica, bottleneck slide guitar, acoustic fingerpicking and good old electric guitar blues. American Eon is a blend of all styles of music, and we share a mutual joy and love of music.

Roy Innella: Drummer

18198998_10213136894361985_5305932512363299394_n After a 30 year hiatus I began a new career in drumming with various projects until meeting the current group of awesome people in American Eon. My musical interest is mostly Rock and Roll, Funk and Blues although a good Frank Sinatra tune isn't out of the question. I love all types of music and American Eon plays all genres and crowd pleasing songs.

Jim Caccamo- Bass Guitar

IMG_3633 Born and bred in the "flyover country"of Kansas City, MO and Chicago, Jim grew up on a steady diet of 60s pop and 70s classic rock, with a little country, jazz, and blues thrown in for good measure. He started playing bass in sixth grade. But unlike many bassists, he didn't move to it out of necessity to round out a band lineup. It was his first-choice instrument. Listening to the great bass lines from bands like The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Rush, Icicle Works, and Parliament, he was drawn to the power of a massive bass line to propel a groove, speak melodically, pull a band together, and--when necessary--really bring the hammer down in a song. More than thirty five years later, he still loves locking in the low end to get things moving.