Bonnie Raitt

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Born to talented musician parents (her dad Broadway star John Raitt and mom pianist Marjorie Haydock) in Burbank California, Bonnie came to Philadelphia in 1969. Leaving university for a year to follow blues producer/photographer Dick Waterman to Philly changed Bonnie’s life forever.

Waterman rediscovered, nurtured and promoted almost forgotten blues artists Son House and Mississippi John Hurt in Philly in the late 1960’s. Bonnie wanted nothing more than to study the profound musicianship of these blues legends, who were in their 70’s at the time. It resulted in Bonnie playing her very first professional gig in Philly at the 2nd Fret. The Fret was a tiny club that hosted the likes of Joni Mitchell and Hall & Oates at 19th and Sansom. But Bonnie swears her real first paid gig was in Philly, but at Penny Pack Park where she was paid $75.00 bucks to sing the blues and play guitar.

Eon loves to play Bonnie favorites Love Me Like A Man, Thing Called Love and Angel From Montgomery.

Where were you in 1987 when Thing Called Love was played every day on Philly radio? Do you remember the first time you heard it or the first time you saw the video with a very dishy Dennis Quaid?

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See you on 9/22 at 30 Main and on 10/7 at the Paoli Blues Fest!

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